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Meet Our Team

Total Arts! is a family run business and we are blessed to be able to use the skills and passions of family members in many of our workshops. We also seek out partnerships with local creatives as guest instructors, and we regularly welcome the assistance and input of interns and volunteers.


Founder, Primary Instructor


Founder, Primary Instructor


Media & Technical Support


Art & Dance Instructor, Events & Parties


Art & Dance Instructor, Events & Parties, Intern


Dance Instructor,

Events & Parties

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Adult Candle Making

Guest instructor

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Guest Instructor

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Art Journaling, Eco Art

Guest instructor

Lily Sennott Headshot_edited.jpg

Manga Workshop

Guest Instructor

Debra Crosby_edited_edited.jpg

Public Speaking, Acting

Guest Instructor

Joli Headshot_edited.jpg

Oil Paint Workshops

Guest Instructor

Arthur Hiou Headshot_edited.jpg

Acting Business

Guest Instructor

Explore. Discover. Create.

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