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Where to find Total Arts!

2 Bourbon Street #100

Peabody, MA 01960

We are on the main floor of the Ideal Center Properties office building, located behind "In The Game".

Bourbon Street is located off of Lowell Street near Route 1 and I-95

Nearby businesses include Jade Chinese Restaurant, Karl's Sausage Kitchen, and J Cakes Bakery.

The main entrance to the building is facing Bourbon Street, across from the Seltser & Goldstein building.

There is ample free customer parking out front and around back.

NOTE: If you are heading to Total Arts! close to 2:00 PM M-F during the school year we recommend that you avoid driving past Peabody High School. Traffic gets backed up on that stretch of Lowell Street at dismissal time. Instead, it is best to access Total Arts from the other direction, off/by Route 1, until students have cleared the area.

Total Arts location
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