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Girl Scout Programs at Total Arts!

Total Arts! is a registered provider of Girl Scout programs to help your troop complete badges in a variety of creative areas: art, design, music, dance, drama, literature, and writing!

Please browse this page for ideas for your troop or contact us to suggest your own

- Fill out the Activity Request Form to select your badge activities

- We are fully wheelchair accessible

Our base fee is usually $15 per participant for up to 90 minutes which typically covers 1 or 2 projects but the final fee will depend on the number and type of project/s selected, & the total amount of time involved. 

We can tackle a single element of a badge or help you finish two or more areas in a single meeting, or we can spread it out over a few classes depending on the goals and projects selected.

The final cost will be confirmed before your event.

A $50 non-refundable deposit will be required at the time of booking for each date you have scheduled and wish to reserve at Total Arts.

Balance is due at the event.

- NOTE: We recommend completing any task written in light grey on your own. Contact us if you are having trouble achieving this and we can work with you to try to accommodate it onsite.

Daisy Board Game Design Badge.jpg
Daisy Board Game Design

Make your own board game!

- Pick a theme

- Decide on rules

- Create and play!

Colorful Dice
Image by Sigmund
Diasy Roller Coaster Deisgn Challenge.jpg
Daisy Roller Coaster Design

Make your own roller coaster!

- Make a Simple Roller Coaster Car

- Build a Model of a Roller Coaster

- Test Your Roller Coaster

Image by Kier In Sight
Brownie Painting Badge.jpg
Brownie Painting Badge

1. Get Inspired

2. Paint the Real World

3. Paint a Mood

4. Paint Without Brushes

5. Paint a Mural

Brownie Potter Badge.jpg
Brownie Potter Badge

1. Find Some Pottery

2. Get to Know Clay

3. Make a Simple Pot

4. Make an Art Piece

5. Paint and Glaze (Total Arts! does not have a kiln)

Brownie Dancer Badge.jpg
Brownie Dancer Badge

1. Warm Up & Get Moving

2. Try a New Dance

   (Irish Step, Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theater)

3.Take to the Floor Like a Dancer

4. Make Up Your Own Dance

5. Show Your Moves

Junior Drawing Badge.jpg
Junior Drawing Badge

1. Experiment With Different Materials

2. Learn How to Add Shading

3. Learn About Perspective

4. Become a Graphic Artist

5. Show Off Your Artwork

Junior Jeweler Badge.jpg
Junior Jeweler Badge

1. Get to Know the Tools of the Trade

2. Make Jewelry With Metal

3. Turn Everyday Objects Into Jewelry

4. Create Jewelry Inspired by Another Culture

5. Make a Sparkling Gift

Jewelry Design
Jewelry Samples.jpg
Junior Scribe Badge.jpg
Junior Scribe Badge

1. Start With a Poem

2. Create a Short Story

3. Use Words to Share Who You Are

4. Write an Article

5. Tell the World What You Think

Image by Markus Winkler
Cadette Comic Artist Badge.jpg
Cadette Comic Artist Badge

1. Delve Into the World of Comics

2. Choose a Story to Tell

3. Draw it Out

4. Frame it in Four Panels

5. Add the Words

Cadette Book Artist Badge.jpg
Cadette Book Artist Badge

1. Explore the Art of Bookbinding

2. Get Familiar With the Insides of a Book

3. Try Out Book Artist Techniques

4. Focus on Function

5. Focus on Style

Colourful Pile of Old Books
Craft Supplies
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 11.32.35 PM.png
Senior Collage Artist Badge

1. ExploreCollage

2. Focus on Composition

3. Create With Color

4. Use Found Objects

5. Share a Message

Image by Sam Fry
Image by Steve Johnson
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 11.32.58 PM.png
Senior Textile Artist Badge

1. Choose Your Textile Art

2. Find Your Tools & Materials

3. Learn the Basics

4. Make Something For Everyday Use

5. Create a Gift

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Margarida Afonso
Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 11.33.13 PM.png
Senior Troupe Performer Badge

1. Pick Your Performance Style

2. Find and Develop Material

3. Rehearse!

4. Launch Your Performance

5. Put on Your Show

Image by Rainier Ridao
Image by Jon Tyson