Adult Classes & Workshops (16+)

FALL 2022

Introduction to Acting

Tuesdays 7:00-9:00

Art Journaling

Wednesdays 6:30-8:00

TED Talk for Successful Speeches

Thursdays 7:00-9:00

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Introduction to Acting
with guest instructor Debra Crosby
Adults & Teens 16+
Tuesdays 7:00-9:00

FREE Intro class Sept 13
Remaining 7 classes begin Sept 20
Final class showcase is Nov. 1
This class is perfect for
anyone who wants to explore the craft of acting who may have little to no prior professional training
FREE introductory class!
Try the first class for free before committing to the program!

$249 early registration (before or on Sept 13)
$279 after September 13
Limited to 12 students - register today!
In this Introduction to Acting 8 Week program you will;
- explore the craft of acting
- be introduced to Relaxation and Breathing Techniques
- learn Cold Reading and Memorization Techniques
- explore Freedom of Expression Techniques

Students will be given monologues to study, practice, and rehearse to learn how to deliver a believable, authentic, and compelling performance.
In a structured yet lighthearted manner, Debra Crosby provides a safe, supportive and encouraging environment to optimize the learning experience.

In the last class students will be invited to participate in a mock audition and a final showcase.
(Recommended but not required)

Friends and family are welcome to attend the final showcase.
Art Journaling
with guest instructor Linda Carden
Adults & Teens 16+
Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00

Fall Session 1: (7 weeks), $240
September 14 - October 26

Fall Session 2: (6 weeks), $210
November 2 - December 14
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An introduction to Art Journaling, the process of writing thoughts and memories as well as recording images as a form of expression.

Experiment with art materials.
No rules and no experience required!
Visual diary materials may include:
acrylic or watercolor paint, collage pictures, gel pens, rubber stamps and ink pads, stickers, photos, large stencils, and more.
Bring your own or use those provided.

This is an opportunity to make friends, grow
personally, enhance creativity and explore themes that are meaningful.
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TED Talk BluePrint for Successful Speeches
with guest instructor Debra Crosby
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Business Meeting

Register for the FREE class now, or secure your spot in the full course before Sept 15 and get the early registration discount!

Register Now!
Adults & Teens 16+
Thursdays, 7:00-9:00

FREE Intro class Sept 15
Remaining 7 classes begin Sept 29
Final class "Mock" TED Talk is Nov. 10
FREE introductory class!
Try the first class for free before committing to the program!

$269 early registration (before or on Sept 15)
$299 after September 15
In this TED Talk Blueprint for Successful Speeches 8 Week Level 1 Training Program you will;
- learn the 3 essential rules for a successful presentation
- discover the trade secrets of the most popular TED Talk thought leaders
- learn how to apply the TED Talk blueprint to your own oration even if you do not esteem to be a TED presenter.

This program is interactive, participatory, practical and fun!
On week 8, students will be invited but not required to present a brief "Mock TED Talk" in the final showcase.
The class is perfect for
Business owners
Team Leaders
The ultimate objective of any great TED Talk or presentation is to inspire your audience to take action.

Your talk should galvanize your audience members to make a contribution to a worthy cause, buy your book, enroll in your training program, purchase your product or feel excited to become your client.

Walk away from the TED Talk Blueprint for Successful Speeches Level 1 Training with easy to apply public speaking techniques, doable action steps and inspired ideas for your own presentation whether or not you aspire to present from the TED Stage or not. 
Introduction to Oil Painting
with guest instructor Joli Ayn Wood
Adults & Teens 16+

Stay tuned for details!
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Try something new or hone your skills during this oil painting class with Rockport plein air artist Joli Ayn Wood. Using water-mixable oil paints, work along with Joli to create your own oil paintings. Joli will share her tips for fast, effective color mixing, as well as her unique process for painting what you see.
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Becoming a Working Actor
with guest instructor Arthur Hiou
Adults & Teens 16+

Stay tuned for details!

-What does it take to get called for an audition?
-What can you expect once you are there?
-How do you prepare to increase your chances of getting cast?
Arthur shares what he has learned over his many years of experience in the local acting scene on stage and screen!
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