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Our Story


The Inspiration

The inspiration for Total Arts! started back in 2015 when Michele first helped develop and lead a Creative Arts Sampler program for young children as part of a larger Sports & Arts summer camp. At around the same time, Amy was pondering how and where to run a vocal performance workshop for children. While Michele and Amy had known each other since 2014, it wasn't until early 2020 that they began to discuss the idea of forming a partnership to bring their creative arts workshop ideas to life in the wider community. 


The Beginning

March 3, 2020 brought great excitement when official planning began for the launch of Total Arts! as the workshop division of Mile 54 Fine Art Studio. Just over a week later, COVID19 shut down the world and the uncertainty it brought immediately stalled plans. As the summer of 2020 approached, Amy and Michele decided to get back to work, adapting their original ideas to accommodate remote learning options and whatever the new normal might be for in-person workshops. 


The Journey

With COVID19 and related restrictions still impacting our community, Total Arts! was able to offer remote learning options, adding in-person workshops when appropriate, following all state guidelines for managing COVID. We were able to move forward with excitement, adapting as we went along to changes in regulations, providing opportunities for everyone to discover their creative potential. 


The Excitement

Total Arts signed a lease for our own space in July of 2021. We took possession in August and began running our signature creative arts workshops in September. We are excited that we've set down roots in the local community and working with other creative community members to support the arts in Peabody, MA and surrounding towns. Check out our current workshop and event schedules and let us know what you would like to see us offer for children, teens, and adults.

Explore. Discover. Create.

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