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Our Focus

At Total Arts! our focus is about exploring how the arts work together to provide a shared experience, an enhanced understanding of creative concepts & ideas, and an interactive & supportive environment for education & creativity.


Process Art

Each workshop participant receives the same basic instruction and has access to the same materials. Within that structure they are encouraged to explore, discover, & create as they learn to express themselves through their own interpretation & application of artistic techniques & ideas. Formal art instruction may be part of a given workshop, particularly for teens and adults, but the artistic process still remains the primary focus.


Movement, Dance, & Drama

Young children learn basic movement concepts and skills while reacting to and creating narratives. Listening skills are important as they follow instructions and add their own ideas to a growing movement story. We may venture into formal dance or drama instruction, particularly with the older age groups, but our primary focus remains on encouraging individual creative expression even while exposing students to a variety of movement, dance, & theater experiences.


Music & Rhythm

With an introduction to rhythmic concepts & vocal exploration, children are encouraged to create their own patterns & combinations with simple rhythm instruments, their voices, & their bodies. They may explore the moods or colors of music, discuss the sounds of various instruments, or examine cultural music from around the world. Structured, focused learning may be implemented within the supportive format of individual exploration and expression.


Literature & Writing

By exploring the rhythms and movement of words and phrases, children fully engage in the story being shared. Illustrations enhance the learning experience and offer a variety of visual styles to support the ideas and themes of the story. Related activities in creative arts support the content and illustrations of selected books and allow for the creation of unique narratives. Writing or oral skills may be addressed in storytelling and creative writing activities.



Why "Total Arts"?

"Total" - At Total Arts! we strive to promote an integrative learning environment that involves many areas of The Arts. While a workshop may focus on one or two areas, the goal is to bring in additional elements of the arts to support and enhance the creative process.

"Arts" - We offer workshops in a variety of artistic areas to allow for the opportunity to explore, discover, and create in different ways and through different modalities. These modes of expression result in the creation of projects, environments, and/or experiences that can be enjoyed and shared with others.

What areas are part of "The Arts"?

Traditionally, the creative arts can include;

- literary arts (writing, drama, poetry)

- visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture)

- graphic arts (graphic design, print-making)

- performing arts (dance, theater, music)

- media (video, photography, print, digital)

- decorative arts (furniture, textiles, pottery)

- architecture (interiors, design, sketch/draft)

Are you really able to instruct in all areas of The Arts listed above?!

On our own, no!

- We run most of the integrative workshops for infants through 5th grade, as well as the parties, events, and group experiences. 

- For specific genres we seek to partner with instructors who are skilled in their area and passionate about teaching in order to provide opportunities for a range of artistic experiences.

What areas of The Arts do you currently offer?

For the younger age groups our primary focus is on combining literature and stories with process art, music, and movement.

For older groups we work to offer a wide range of options in specific skills areas and are open to learning what you want to see. We are always looking for new and interesting partnerships in our community to expand what we can offer.

Our name

Explore. Discover. Create.

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