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Host a workshop or class at Total Arts!

Total Arts! has bright, open spaces that might be perfect for your group, class, or meeting.

Contact us with questions and/or to schedule a visit to see if it's right for you.

Suitable for events for children, youth, and adults.

Our venue is wheelchair accessible.


Back Room

The larger Back Room is approximately 840 square feet.

Includes direct access to our two single use restrooms.

  (one has a changing table, one is wheelchair accessible)

Includes direct access to the kitchen area, for food storage & prep 

  (no onsite cooking)

This room can easily be set up with tables & chairs for meetings or projects, or it can be left as an open area.

The primary access is through our main entrance and the smaller front room. There is also a separate back entrance which can be accessed if the front room is in use.

Front Room

The smaller Front Room is approximately 520 square feet.


Includes the seating area/lobby and a main open area.

A perfect way to provide a hang-out space for parents and siblings.

This front space can be rented independently or along with the back room and can be configured for children, youth, or adults.

Restroom and kitchen access are both through the back room.*

*NOTE: If another group is renting the Back Room, then those in the Front Room would use the shared building restrooms in the hallway instead and there would be no access to the kitchen.

Rental Options

1.  Independent instructor

2. Total Arts! contracted instructor

See details & fees for each option below.

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Option 1: Independent Instructor

1. We will be onsite to open & close the space and trouble-shoot use of the facilities but you run your own workshop, class, or meeting.


2. You advertise the workshop/event, provide any materials, collect payment from participants, and create the content for your workshop/event.

  - For an additional fee* Total Arts can list your event on our website, social media announcements, and an on-site information page.

3. The reason for meeting and the content of the class/workshop must be approved by Total Arts! as being an appropriate use of the space that aligns with our family-friendly focus and creative arts mission.


4. You must provide proof of liability insurance that covers you and your group while they are using the Total Arts! venue. We will need a copy for our records at the time of booking. Participants must sign a waiver indicating that they will not hold Total Arts liable for any issues that arise during the workshop or meeting. Depending on your insurance policy we may also ask for a copy of a recent background check for all instructors.


5. Minimum 1.5 hour rental for single use, 1 hour per day minimum for multi-day session (4 week minimum)

   - 15 minute set-up and break-down times will be scheduled on either side of your selected rental time and is included in the rental fee

Rental Fees

Single Day event (min 1.5 hrs)

Front Room:   $40/1.5 hrs

Back Room:   $60/1.5 hrs

Both Rooms:  $90/1.5 hrs

Multi-Day event (min 4, 1-hour days)

Front Room:   $25/hr ($100 min)

Back Room:   $40/hr ($160 min)

Both Rooms:  $60/hr ($240 min)

* Optional Total Arts! advertising of event: $20 flat fee includes website listing, social media announcement, and on-site signage

         - does not include official FB ads, printing flyers or postcards, or other advertising or promotions

Option 2: Total Arts! Contracted Instructor

1. You will be hired by Total Arts! as a contracted instructor to lead a workshop or event in your area of training and/or expertise.

2. Total Arts! will advertise the workshop or event, assemble any materials, and collect payment from participants. (Any specialized materials provided by you will be accounted for in the contract agreement).


3. The workshop content will be planned by the instructor with input from Total Arts! and must be approved as being an appropriate use of the space that aligns with our family-friendly focus and creative arts mission and that falls under our liability insurance coverage.

4. If you have had a background check done in the previous 12 months we will require a copy to have on file. We may request a background check be completed if you cannot provide one to ensure that our liability insurance policy covers you while you are teaching at Total Arts.


  - You will be paid a contract employee fee for the workshop or event which will be determined before the workshop is confirmed.

  - Compensation will be mutually determined based on the experience & training of the instructor, the workshop format, materials required, etc.

  - The minimum number of participants required to run the workshop will be determined together as part of the contract. We usually recommend 5.

  - As a contracted employee, no taxes will be withheld at the time of payment and you will not be issued a W2. An I-9 will be issued if you earn over $600 from Total Arts in a calendar year.

  - You are responsible for reporting your income & paying any relevant taxes with your personal tax return.

  - You must provide Total Arts! with proof of employment eligibility (such as a copy of a US passport, OR both a valid driver's license AND a SSN).

The Fine Print:

Total Arts! maximum capacity is 57 people over both spaces, including any TA staff onsite.

If your group is larger than 30 people you must rent/use both areas.

Kitchen area has a microwave/convection oven, fridge with freezer, and sink, but not a full oven or range. No cooking is allowed in the kitchen. It is only to be used for food storage and for setting up items for service (reheating, defrosting, warming, organizing, and/ or assembling prepared food items). 

Two single use bathrooms have direct access in the larger room. One is wheelchair accessible. One has a changing table.

Rental of the second space by another group at the same time as your event is a possibility.

- If both rooms are rented by different groups then those in the Back Room would use the direct access bathrooms, while the group in the Front Room would use the building restrooms in the hallway.

- Each room can use a separate entry if both rooms are rented at the same time.

- If you wish to guarantee that another group won't use the second space during your workshop we recommend renting both spaces.

Explore. Discover. Create.

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