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Featured Artists: Evan & Callia

Siblings Evan & Callia are both enthusiastic about the arts and have participated in several workshops, events, and programs at Total Arts! In addition to being artists, Evan plays piano, and Callia dances at BoSoma School of Dance. We are thrilled that these two join us at Total Arts and bring their enthusiasm each week!

Featured Artists: Lily & Mia

Lily & Mia are regular workshop participants at Total Arts! and were the first two to register at our new location in Peabody, MA. These best friends are enthusiastic and creative and we love the positive energy they bring to classes and special events at Total Arts!

Featured Artist: Lexi

Lexi is a talented young artist who loves to create her own works in a variety of genres. She participated in both of our Tween summer workshops, (Art Foundations and Mixed Media) and we are excited to see her continue to grow in her artistic skills.

Featured Artist: Giovanni

Giovanni was part of the original summer camp programs that inspired the launch of Total Arts! back when he was only 3 years old. He joined us for our remote workshops in 2020 and came to the ribbon cutting ceremony at our new location in Peabody, MA.  His excitement for the arts is a joy to watch and we look forward to seeing his projects!

Featured Artist: Jayden

Jayden joined us for our very first remote workshops in the summer of 2020 all the way from Canada! He is a regular user of our To-Go workshop boxes and we are always thrilled to see how he adapts the materials to create his own version. Jayden is all about the process which is what we love at Total Arts!
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