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Our Community Partners

Total Arts strives to join with local venues, artists, and performers to promote and support the fine & performing arts in the local community, and expand the learning experiences of workshop participants. We are also able to partner with artists and performers outside of our immediate community through remote learning, bringing unique experiences to our workshops and events.

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58 Pulaski Street #B4-7, Peabody, MA

The PACC is a group of local business leaders who work to improve the cultural, civic, and economic well-being of Peabody, MA with a focus on advocacy, promotion, and community involvement.

Total Arts is a proud member of the PACC and is excited to take part in the many resources and opportunities for community engagement.

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50 Farm Ave, Peabody, MA

The Peabody Recreation, Parks, and Forestry Department offers a variety of program options for children, youth, and adults in the community.

We are pleased when we have the chance to partner with them to provide additional creative arts programming for Peabody families.

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15 Walnut Road, Hamilton, MA

52 Central Street, Georgetown, MA

Katherine Hooper, owner

BoSoma School of Dance provides a space for students to learn the art and technique of dance, nurture their passion for dance, and learn how to think in  new and creative ways.

We have been thrilled to partner with BSD by offering our workshops at their studio spaces.

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Funtastic Songs

Expressions Music Therapy Services, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Marcie Waters-Gerbrandt, owner

In addition to providing music therapy programs for children, youth, and adults with a variety of special needs, Marcie has created a music CD for children.

A workshop favorite from her  Funtastic Songs set has been "Crazy Colors" and we have been thrilled to have Marcie join us via Zoom during our Creative Kids & Sampler workshops.


376 Hale Street, Beverly, MA

Internship program

Total Arts! was pleased to begin our partnership with Endicott's internship program in the summer of 2021. Endicott requires three distinct internship experiences from all of their students to provide real-world experiences and encourage exploration of career options. We welcome students from a variety of fields including Visual & Performing Arts, Art Therapy, Psychology, Education, and more.


35 Village Road # 100, Middleton, MA

Julie Picardi, managing partner

Julie Picardi was instrumental in Total Arts' recent lease of property in Peabody, MA. Picardi Law Offices specializes in residential real estate law and also handles commercial matters, estate planning, and small business formation. We highly recommend Picardi Law Offices for your real estate and small business needs.

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